SHOP THERAPY: Sculptural fixture casts lovely light
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Norm 69, an iconic Danish design from 1969, is enjoying a renaissance. (JEPP SORENSEN)

Some people find illumination through years of disciplined yoga practice. I found mine by glancing at some photographs of a yoga studio in Saint John, N.B.

Transported by the tranquil interior, I imagined myself prone on the studio floor, contemplatively hoisting an ankle over my shoulder as I cast my eyes reverently above.

And that’s when I saw with startling certainty that something important was missing from my life: the large, white light fixture suspended from the studio’s ceiling.

Yoga forgotten, I made some calls and discovered that the object of my affection is Norm 69, a 69-piece, assemble-it-yourself, white plastic pendant light fixture designed, appropriately enough in 1969, by a Danish architect named Simon Karkov.

For whatever reasons, Karkov allowed his cone-inspired creation to languish obscurely in a loft until 2001, when an acquaintance suggested marketing it in collaboration with Denmark’s cool, new, modern design company, Normann Copenhagen.

Equal parts design icon and puzzle, the award-winning Norm 69 marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship for Karkov and Normann Copenhagen, and in the past decade they’ve collaborated on other assemble-it-yourself fixtu…………… continues on

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‘Lighting is the key to making everything look good’
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By Bob Karlovits

Published: Saturday, October 27, 2012, 8:54 p.m.
Updated 1 hour ago

Matt Cardello says it is fairly easy to find a way out of the darkness.

“The biggest part of the problem is determining where you need some light,” says the president of Cardello Electric Supply, based in the North Side with nine shops in the area, West Virginia and Ohio.

He and other lighting professionals see effective lighting of a home to be sometimes badly done, creating rooms that are unnecessarily and impractically dim.

“Many people are just uneducated on what they can do with lighting,” says Tara Pakler, showroom manager at Typhoon Lighting in Regent Square.

Laura Kuhns from Kuhns Electric Supply in Latrobe says lighting sometimes is overlooked.

“When people are looking at a home, they often get impressed by the rooms or the furniture and don’t think about the light,” she says. “But lighting is the key to making everything look good.”

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