Smart light bulb designed by ex-Tesla engineer adjusts itself
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There has been no shortage of smart LED light bulbs hitting the shelves. From Philips Hue to LIFX LED to WigWag, all are wirelessly connected and can be controlled by your smartphone to go from dim to bright, go on and off on a schedule and make a rainbow of hues. At this point, it seemed pointless to mention any new ones because they were all the same.

But an ex-Tesla CEO has brought something new and interesting to the smart light bulb market and it could prove to be the most energy efficient of all of them. Neil Joseph left Tesla last year to start Stack, a smart lighting start-up. Its first product is called Alba and it’s what would happe…………… continues on Treehugger

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OSRAM SYLVANIA ULTRA LED bulb review – The Gadgeteer
News from OSRAM SYLVANIA ULTRA LED bulb review – The Gadgeteer:


Be careful what you wish for…! I volunteered to check out a new line of LED dimmable household bulbs from OSRAM SYLVANIA, wondering at the time where I would test them. Almost immediately, light bulbs that had lasted fifteen years began to burn out all over the house! I no longer had to worry about test locations, but rather whether these bulbs would prove worthy enough that I would go buy more of the same to fill my empty sockets. Read on to learn the answer. 

OSRAM SYLVANIA sent me an assortment of four bulbs from their new A-Line LED products. “A-Line” refers to the physical form factor – “A” is the familiar shape of incandescent lamp bulbs with a screw-in base that have been around since their development by Thomas Edison. Most single-wattage incandescent bulbs are the A19 form factor; larger bulbs like 3-way are A21 or A23 (the number is the nominal bulb diameter in eighths of an inch). With most people still accustomed to thinking in terms of…………… continues on OSRAM SYLVANIA ULTRA LED bulb review – The Gadgeteer

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Quoizel Lighting NY8318A – Newbury Outdoor Fixture

Quoizel Lighting NY8318ANewbury Outdoor Fixtureoutdoor wall antq brss 3lCollection: NewburyCategory: OutdoorDesign Style: TraditionalHeight: 22.50Length: N/AWidth: 12.25Diameter: N/AWeight: 8.80 LBSVoltage: 120vACNumber of Bulbs: 3Type of Bulb: B10 CANDMax Wattage: 60Bulbs Included: NoSafety Rating: CUL
List Price: 298.49