Smart light bulbs developed by Tesla alum
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While Wi-Fi-enabled lighting like the Phillips Hue is nothing new, it still requires making lighting changes via a smartphone app. Stack Lighting, on the other hand, embeds the necessary smarts directly in the bulb, enabling the device to read room conditions and adjust its lighting accordingly, with little to no effort by the user.

Hue takes the switch from the wall and puts it on your phone. A neat feature to be sure, with the ability to dim and change colors all from the comfort of your couch. And while Stack’s LED bulbs also include these functionalities, the company has taken lighting to Internet of Things levels by embedding sensors and microcontrollers, as well as Bluetooth, Zigbee and iBeacon hardware, directly into the bulb. If the rain clouds part and the room suddenly brightens, the Stack bulb’s ambient light sensor picks up the change and automatically dims to appropriate levels according to the new amount of light.

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