Smart Lighting Control Technology Can Cut Lighting Electricity Use 60 …
News from CleanTechnica:

New smart lighting control technology from startup Enlighted has saved its first corporate customers (the likes of Google, Turner Broadcasting, LinkedIn, Interface Global, and 31 other Fortune 100 companies) 60% of their previous lighting electricity usage, Enlighted notes.

The company, based in a nice Silicon Valley city I used to live in (Sunnyvale, CA), says that its Enlighted Virtuo Series “features the industry’s first autonomous, adaptive sensor.”

“This ‘thinking’ sensor measures ambient light, occupancy and temperature at each fixture and tailors light levels to each user’s actual needs maximizing occupant comfort and minimizing energy cost.”

Hmm, I wrote “smart” above, but perhaps I should have written “very smart!” Here’s more:

Enlighted’s unique patented solution delivers a triple-value benefit. First, the system delivers a bankable energy savings rate in the range of 50 to 70 percent. This savings rate exceeds all previous lighting controls systems because the system is distributed down to the individual fixture. The installation process is also simplified because the connection between the sensor and fixture enables…………… continues on CleanTechnica

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Panasonic aims for a Greener Future
News from The Sun Daily:

Posted on 29 February 2012 – 03:03pm
Last updated on 29 February 2012 – 03:08pm

Panasonic Malaysia announced recently that it will begin to offer 4 types of eco-friendly LED bulbs from standard, full distribution, clear glass type to halogen that can save energy up to 80%, while emitting the same brightness.

Panasonic LED bulbs are equipped with high efficient technology in saving energy with ultra long life of up to 40 years or 40,000 hours (based on 2.7 hours usage per day) and eco friendly with zero mercury compared to incandescent bulbs.

According to managing director of Panasonic MalaysiaJeff Lee, , “Malaysia is the first country in Asia Oceania region selling Panasonic LED bulbs. This is in line with the recent announcement by government that all factories to stop producing incandescent bulbs by 2012 and we are just in time to produce and sell LED bulbs for local market.”

“All our light bulb factories are now replacing their productions to LED bulbs as our efforts to further reduce CO² emissions through our products.” added Lee.

“Current market share of LED bulb is 2%. With this l…………… continues on The Sun Daily

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