Smarter cities could start with a simple light bulb swap
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Simply swapping out the old-school incandescent, sodium or metal halide lamps with newer LED bulbs that can also contain an array of sensors can push a city on the path to becoming smarter, said Wim Efrin the Executive Vice President for Industry Solutions and Chief Globalization Officer with Cisco. According to Efrin, while cities are installing the LED lamps they often elect to put in video surveillance and even Wi-Fi access points too.

“We see this as an enormous inflection point,” Efrin told me during an interview on Thursday. “This could blanket a city in Wi-Fi and enable the city to offer citizen services and we are always looking for what will be that inflection point. The simple light bulb could be it.”

He pointed out that having the video surveillance means that computers could count the number of people in the area and reduce or increase the light based on the amount of foot traffic. More people require less light, cutting down on energy. Of course, not every city will be comfortable with video surveillance in all public areas, and Efrin says most will start with small pilot projects such as one that is being deployed in Chicago…………… continues on Gigaom

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Cree Connected Bulb: Simple smart light dragged down by Wink hub
News from Mashable:

What’s This?

The Cree Connected 60 W LED (on box), nexct to the Wink Hub (right).

Image: Mashable, Lance Ulanoff

The key to smart home technology success is simplicity: Plug in the connected gadget, enter Wi-Fi credentials, open an app and you’re done. Cree Inc.’s Connected LED 60W bulb certainly has the potential to be that simple. Unfortunately, it lacks built in Wi-Fi and, as a result has, to rely on a Z-Wave-based Wink Hub (it also supports ZigBee hubs). This presents a hurdle that, while surmountable, might defeat the less determined among us.

To be clear, I set out to review the new Cree Connected LED 60 watt (equivalent, it actually eats just 11.5 watts) bulb, not Wink, but since you can’t use one without the other, what follows is also a reckoning for a smart hub.

There’s nothing complicated about Cree Connected LED bulbs, which cost $ 14.97 apiece. They look more or…………… continues on Mashable

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