South Side’s CCI Center to be renamed for Whitehall native instrumental in …
News from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Ann Jones Gerace oversaw the transformation of a building built in 1910 on Pittsburgh’s historic South Side into the CCI Center. It was one of the first energy efficient, environmentally sustainable showcases for what would become the city’s still growing “green” building scene.

Today, on the 45th Earth Day, the building will be transformed again, renamed the Ann Jones Gerace Center, after the woman who recycled the former glass warehouse, soap factory and art gallery, into a sustainable incubator for start-up environmental firms.

New building signs will be unveiled in a late afternoon ceremony by Conservation Consultants Inc, the nonprofit focused on energy efficiency and owner of the three-story building at 64 South 14th St. Ms. Gerace, 77, is expected to attend.

A Whitehall native and Allegheny College graduate, she was instrumental in the redesign, development and operation of the CCI Center, which opened in 1993. She was an elementary school teacher before quitting to raise four children and re-entered the workforce at CCI in 1987, starting as an energy manager and becoming executive director in 1990.

As leader of CCI, Ms. Gerace championed the economic, health and environmental benefits of energy efficient homes, buildings and sustainable communities, especially in low-income neighborhoods. She envisioned the CCI Center building as an…………… continues on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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In honor of Earth Day, I dug up several simple ideas to help all of us conserve throughout the year and even unearthed interesting findings about the role diet plays in our environmental impact.

Researchers at the University of Chicago found that our food choices may be just as important as what types of cars we drive, when it comes to global warming. It seems the average American diet requires an extra ton and a half of carbon dioxide equivalent when compared to a strict vegetarian diet (per year I believe). As noted by Natural Resources Defense Council giant livestock and dairy farms (with hundreds of thousands of pigs, chickens or cows) often generate the waste equivalent of a small city! But beyond going strictly ve…………… continues on Go Dairy Free

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