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Only in Detroit could people fight over the damn darkness.

About who will control the process of getting the lights back on. About whether the city will retain enough “ownership” of the system. About outsiders and their motives.

It’s like a bad joke: How many Detroiters does it take to change a light bulb? None, because they can’t agree on how to do it, how to pay for it, or who’ll be in charge once the problem’s solved.

But, yes, all of these things are tripping up lawmakers in their effort to create a new lighting authority that could begin replenishing and replacing the nearly 40% of city street lamps that have gone dark.

&bull: Are the lights out in your part of Detroit? Show us on this map, and tell us how that’s affected your life

All over the city, people live in a modern-day Cimmeria, the mythical Greek land of darkness and deep night. It’s dangerous and dispiriting, a cardinal sign of the city’s failure to deliver even the most basic services.

But the debate so far in Lansing has been about everything except light. And the principal holdouts right now? They’re representatives from Detroit, if you can believe it.

Before we get to that, though, I need to give some credit where it’s due. Since spring, I’ve been writing about the lights on E…………… continues on not politics – Detroit Free Press

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