Technicians coax century-old light bulb to life
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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – Someone undoubtedly said, “let there be light,” when engineers and technicians unearthed a time capsule that had been buried in the side of a building in the East Cleveland facility of GE Lighting’s Nela Park.

hey knew from old records their predecessors at Nela Park had stowed away several 1912 light bulbs, hoping a hundred years later, engineers would observe the work of the early 20th century.

When they pulled out the box of lights and hooked the old bulbs up to a flow of electricity, one of the bulbs fired up.
“It’s glowing,” it’s glowing,” said Andy Fisher, one of the engineers. He cautioned other engineers to not give too much power to the old lamp.

In the early air of spring in East Cleveland, a large applause flowed across the lawn of Nela Park, as many of the employees witnessed the unearthing and opening of the time capsule. It marked the beginning of the hundredth anniversary of Nela Park.

“Let there be light.” And there was light.

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