The Climate Post: As Eurozone Crisis Deepens, Fight to Save Emissions Trading Scheme Begins
News from Huffington Post:

Prices in Europe’s carbon emissions trading scheme have collapsed this year, in part because there were too many allowances in the system starting off, threatening the future of the whole market.

“Without intervention… Europe’s climate policy is over,” one analyst said. Some of Europe’s biggest energy and manufacturing firms also wrote a letter to the European Commission that called for Europe to take “decisive action now” to raise the price of carbon and fix the scheme.

The European Parliament’s environment committee voted in favor of temporarily cutting the number of emissions permits to be issued.

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Ask MNN: What’s the story with fake snow?
News from Miami Herald:

Q: I’m a beginning downhill skier from Colorado who recently had the chance to hit the slopes out East, in Maryland of all places. Yes, there’s something there that somewhat resembles a mountain. (OK, it was more of a very large hill, but I still had a blast). Since I’m accustomed to skiing in high-elevation locales where it naturally snows, I was a bit confounded as to how this perfectly lovely mini-mountain in Maryland was completely covered in powder, even though the area immediately around it was snow-free. I’m guessing the answer is snow that’s artificially produced on-site – either that or they truck it in from Vermont – but I’ve never been quite sure as to how that works. Care to fill me in?

A: Although I’m anything but a seasoned ski bunny (blame poor coordination and the fact that even riding the chair lifts frightens me), I grew up in a family of skiers and snowboarders in Washington state, where just 90 minutes or so from my home were so…………… continues on Miami Herald

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