The Symtra lamp has no traditional bulb and instead embeds the …
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The Symtra lamp has no traditional bulb and instead embeds the light directly into the “shade” using LED technology.

By Emma Hutchings on June 27, 2012.

Humanscale‘s new lighting innovation, the Symtra lamp, has no traditional bulb, instead embedding the light directly into the “shade.” Developed in partnership with designer Peter Stathis, the lamp reconstructs the traditional light fixture, offering a “contemporary interpretation of the archetypal lampshade form.” Symtra features sleek lines and a minimalist frame, combining the beauty of traditional lamps with advanced LED technology.

Utilizing optical waveguide technology, the inside of the shade emits a warm, glare-free light, while the outside is finished in black. The lamp head can be rotated 360° so it can be directed to where you need it. Symtra is expected to be released later this year at a price of $ 400. Stathis described the lamp as:

A contemporary light that merges poetics with technology, symbolism with function and aesthetics with…………… continues on PSFK

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Lancaster, PA (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

LED Light Review, a consumer oriented review website for LED light bulbs, is pleased to announce a review of the Philips 420224 L Prize Winner LED light bulb.

LED Light Review carefully evaluated the Philips 420224 L Prize Winner 10-Watt A19 LED light bulb in key areas including packaging integrity, product design, build quality, light pattern, light output, and light quality. The efficiency and manufacturer warranty of the Philips 420024 were also examined.

Regarding the light quality of the L Prize winning bulb, Gordon White, Co-Founder of LED Light Review explains, “The Philips 420224 projects a clear and warm/yellow light. It’s not overly warm/yellow like its cousin, the Philips 409904. The Philips 420224 isn’t even as warm as our reference 60 watt incandescent. With the L Prize bulb, Philips has struck a keen balance between warmth and clarity.”

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