This light bulb wants to be as hip as your iPhone
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However, because most smart home devices run on wireless technology, some observers fear residences could become a prime target for hackers in an era when online security is becoming a hotly debated topic.

In a world where social media accounts and smart devices are routinely compromised, analysts point out it would pose little challenge for a hacker to access a home security system or a webcam. It also raises the question about whether companies like Sengled can navigate the shoals of privacy and efficiency.

“Consumers are entitled to privacy, but it is the protection of this privacy that is key to success,” Ruan said, adding that most personal devices come with “a tradeoff between privacy and convenience” that most consumers tacitly acknowledge, if not completely accept.

In that vein, smart home hardware isn’t altogether different from a credit card or a cell phone, which are considered secure, until they aren’t.

“For the most part, our cards are secure and, in cases where our cards are physically or virtually stolen, the card issuing bank steps in to protect consumers from fraud,” Ruan said. “We [also] view o…………… continues on CNBC

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COLUMN: How many calls does it take to fix a light fixture?
News from Gaston Gazette:

Published: Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10:10 AM.

Sometimes the simplest of things can turn out to be just the opposite. Like turning on the light over my kitchen table, for instance.
Last week, it didn’t come on. The easy answer should be the bulb is out. Or, in this case, all four bulbs, which is the configuration on ceiling fan they’re attached to.
But what with the odds of all four lights being out at like 400 billion to 1, most likely a wire shook loose in the fan. So, I grabbed me a screwdriver — the very act alone scares Laurie to death — and climbed on a chair and unscrewed the lighting unit. There I was surprised to find that, unlike every other light fixture I’d ever dealt with in my nearly half-century of life and illumination, the lights from this fixture aren’t wired directly to the power source. No, they run through a little black relay box first.
I’m familiar with little black relay boxes and instinctively surmised this was the problem. So, after taking down the part number I went online and found this was in fact most likely the problem. I also learned the government now requires such a thing, of course, it is stupid AND problematic. That is apparently a Federal law, too.
Meanwhile, I also read several electrical blogs, where various idiots of unknown background or training described how to bypass the relay and wire i…………… continues on Gaston Gazette

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SLV Lighting Arrock Arc GU10 Bollard Fixture

This unique lighting fixture is designed to add a bold touch to your home with it's granite and steel construction. The salt and pepper finish is attractive and versatile to match with any decor. Setting: Outdoor Finish: Salt and pepper Materials: Granite, stainless steel Number of lights: 1 Requires one (1) 35-watt GU10 base bulb (not included) Dimension: 27.76 inches high x 5.51 inches wide x 2.76 inches deep This fixture does need to be hard wired. Professional installation is recommended. All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from listed information
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