UNDP Advocates Use Of Fluorecent Bulbs To Save Energy
News from Leadership Newspapers:

The UNDP Global Environmental Facility (GEF) says Nigeria’s energy consumption can be reduced drastically if households use energy efficient fluorescent bulbs.

This was contained in the 2011 GEF Project Report signed by Etiosa Uyigue, the National Coordinator, and made available to journalists on Wednesday in Abuja. 

The report said households could save about 67 per cent of the energy they use if the use of fluorescent bulbs could be encouraged.

It said that globally, about 60 per cent carbon dioxide emission came from energy generation “which contributes significantly to global warming leading to climate change’’.

GEF said that energy efficiency policy should be put in place to gradually phase out incandescent or yellow bulbs.

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Improving energy efficiency and reducing consumption is a growing concern in South Africa, driven not only by dramatically increased utility costs but also by a global trend towards environmental consciousness.

Fred Mitchell, LED Product Specialist at Drive Control Corporation (image: DCC)

Lighting is one area that consumes a large amount of electricity, and since compact fluorescent light bulbs have become increasingly popular because they offer improved energy efficiency. However, due to environmental concerns around these lamps, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are beginning to come to the fore as the most eco-friendly, energy efficient solution for lighting.

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