Utilities may change incentive rates for upgrading from T12 lighting
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Although manufacturers of T12 fluorescent lighting found a loophole earlier this year to keep the bulbs on the market, utilities are encouraging their commercial customers to upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting, such as T8 or LED. And, as the federal government and utilities continue to move to new energy-efficiency standards, the incentives offered for the upgrades are likely to decrease.

As a result of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, the U.S. Department of Energy has launched the effort to remove T12 systems from the market. The federal government changed its standards on July 14, which would have discontinued the T12 bulb manufacturing after that date and would have effectively discontinued rebate programs for them. But the manufacturers found a loophole — keeping the T12s compliant by increasing the number of lumens per watt in the lamps. (Previously, the federal government prohibited the manufacturing and importing of T-12 magnetic ballasts, only allowing electro…………… continues on Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal

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LED lighting fits perfectly in refrigerated display cases (MAGAZINE) – LEDs Magazine
News from LED lighting fits perfectly in refrigerated display cases (MAGAZINE) – LEDs Magazine:


This article was published in the October 2012 issue of LEDs Magazine.

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Refrigerated display lighting (RDL) represents one of the more perfect applications for LEDs. Because fluorescent tubes can be replaced with LED strips and reduce energy usage by 60%, retailers are beginning to implement LED case lighting on a wider scale. Typically, a store can realize return-on-investment (ROI) after 2-3 years using LED-lit coolers. In addition, since LED fixtures give off little heat relative to a fluorescent tube, an additional energy break is realized on compressor cooling. “LEDs love the cold; the colder they are the longer they last. We are able to design fixtures that are rated for 100,000 hours,” said Jamie Pearson, senior value stream manager of Lithonia Lighting, part of Acuity Brands.

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