Value Lights introduces new eco-light bulb
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  • Amarestone
  • The Wandsworth Group

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Lextar participates in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair
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Lextar participates in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Press release; Alex Wolfgram, DIGITIMES [Friday 26 October 2012]

Lextar Electronics has announced it will participate in the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair where it will display a number of product lines such as high CRI downlight series, bulb and spot light series, tube series, panel light series and light module series. Within all the products displayed, there will also be a variety of Lextar-made LED packaging products that have received LM-80 certification, displaying Lextar’s LED vertical integration from Epi, chip, package, module to lighting products.

Lextar’s CRI 95 downlights, coming in 4-, 6- and 8-inch sizes, use the company’s internally produced LM-80 certified 5630 LEDs with saturated red color (R9) value of over 90. The downlights are compatible for various voltage requirements, and are suitable for merchandise displays, the company said. The single voltage downlights also features dimming function as well. The version for the US will be one of the highlights, which have been tested in confined spaces, and meet American UL standards.

Within the bulb series, Lextar will debut bulbs that weigh only 63 grams, omni-directional bulbs that range from 60-, 75- to 100-watt replacement versions. Additionally, Lextar’s Moonli…………… continues on Digitimes

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