What Does a $ 25 Light Bulb Get You?
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Get ready to say goodbye to the incandescent light bulb. If all goes according to plan, the phasing out of Thomas Edison’s invention will begin next year and continue through 2014. By that time, light bulb makers hope we’ll have adopted LED bulbs as our new favorite light source.

That said, manufactures have to overcome a few obstacles before consumers will be ready to make the switch.

Watt’s the Big Deal?

Some people may wonder why we can’t just stick with incandescent bulbs if reinventing the light bulb is such a challenge. It’s a matter of efficiency.

Less than 10% of the energy running through an incandescent gets converted to light — the rest is lost as heat. If we switch over to more efficient bulbs, we could save billions of dollars, decrease our thirst for oil, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Unfortunately, the first alternatives to hit the market were compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs. The early CFLs used less energy, bu…………… continues on DailyFinance
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Gervase Poulden

25th October, 2011

Choosing a light bulb used to be so simple: do you go for bayonet or screw? Even then the decision was made for you by the shape of your fittings. But these are radical times in the lighting world. The beginning of September saw new EU legislation outlaw old style incandescent light bulbs, although most had already been removed from UK shelves following a voluntary agreement between the Government and manufacturers. Yet the removal of these bulbs doesn’t mean that people have been left with fewer options.

In fact, there are now more than ever. ‘There seems to be a misconception that consumer choice is being reduced by this phase out,’ says Peter Hunt, CEO of the Lighting Association. ‘But there’s never been such a wide choice of light sources in the hi…………… continues on The Ecologist
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