World’s first light-activated antimicrobial surface that also works in the dark
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Researchers at UCL have developed a new antibacterial material which has potential for cutting hospital acquired infections. The combination of two simple dyes with nanoscopic particles of gold is deadly to bacteria when activated by light – even under modest indoor lighting. And in a first for this type of substance, it also shows impressive antibacterial properties in total darkness.

The research, from by Sacha Noimark and Ivan Parkin (both UCL Chemistry) and Elaine Allan (UCL Eastman Dental Institute), is published today in the journal Chemical Science.

Hospital-acquired infections are a major issue for modern medicine, with pathogens like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile (C. diff) getting extensive publicity. Although medical establishments have stringent cleaning policies, insist on frequent hand-washing by staff, and have powerful drugs at their disposal, it is difficult to eliminate these infections unless you can make the hospital environment more hostile to microbes. Surfaces, such as door handles, medical equipment, keyboards, pens and so on are an easy route for germs to spread, even onto freshly-cleaned hands.

One possible solution to this is to develop alternative strategies such as antibacterial coatings that make surfaces less accommodating to germs. These surfaces…………… continues on Science Codex

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LG unveils Smart Lamp: Intelligent bulb links with iOS and Android devices
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LG Electronics has unveiled a new type of “smart bulb” that may be the first of a new generation of home lighting devices. The new LED bulb also has an interesting new feature never before seen in other similar bulbs.
(Photo : LG)

The future of home lighting is finally here. At least that’s what LG Electronics thinks after unveiling a new type of “smart bulb.”

As a light bulb, LG’s new LED Smart Lamp has pretty solid specifications. It uses LED technology, which is considered as more durable and more power efficient compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. The LED Smart Lamp is rated to last up to 10 years of daily usage assuming it’s turned on for around 5 hours per day. LG also says…………… continues on Tech Times

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