Youth Group in Nairobi Illuminates Homes, Schools
News from Voice of America:

A youth group in one of Nairobi’s many teeming slums has found a brilliant way to light up dark houses. Drawing upon an innovation from Brazil, the young people have installed so-called “water bulbs” in homes and schools. The “bulb” is made from everyday materials and can produce as much light as a 60-watt conventional bulb.

Abbass, 11, can barely read what is in his book. In the middle of the day, the family’s windowless tin shack feels like the darkest night.

But a few blocks away, members of a youth group called Koch Hope are preparing to change that.  First, they fill a two-liter bottle of water, add a little bleach and, with the water, bleach, a caulking tube, and some tools, make their way to Abbass’s house.

Next, they cut a hole in the tin roof as a mesmerized Abbass watches.

The bottle containing the bleach is passed through the hole, the hole is sealed with caulking, then tested for leakage, and

Voila!  Abbass and his family are now ab…………… continues on Voice of America

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Young Wizards struggle to get past immaturity, inexperience
News from NBA:

The Wizards came into the season ready to show everybody how they’ve matured, and one game in, the only person who grew old was coach Flip Saunders.

Not only did the Wizards cough up a 21-point lead in their home opener to the Nets, their loopy big man, Andray Blatche, moaned about his role in the offense. For those who bet Blatche would require two games to say or do something regretful, our sincerest apologies.

Making matters worse, Blatche (two-for-13 shooting) and the Wizards followed that collapse with another in Atlanta and suddenly Washington finds itself battling a pair of forces: competition and perception.

We really don’t know if the Wizards are headed for another losing season, nor is it fair to speculate so early. But they still have some growing up to do, that much is clear. Whether they can do that quickly enough to save their season and their coach is the real issue here.

You’d like to think a team that decided to go retro with the u…………… continues on NBA

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